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  1. Tony, hi Yeah I definitely agree with you there. They are experts so I'd trust their knowledge. When are you having it done? Can you please keep me updated on the results as I'm half tempted now haha.
  2. Tony, I guess it depends on who you talk to as before I bought mine I did alot of ringing around chatting to specialists about the EJ25 engine. Some said its fine and don't worry, others said anything above standard bhp would need the engine doing beforehand as under "full chat" the gaskets would give in. Mine has had alot of work done to it by the previous owner including having the engine out and new gaskets, seals fitted but the new parts were only standard Subaru parts and not uprated parts so I'm still abit weary about having a map although I'd love to have 330 - 340bhp.
  3. Thanks Tidgy and Ross, she's only got 48k on the clock aswell which is one of the reasons why I had to buy! I know exactly what you mean Ross, I wasn't overly keen but love it now. Tony with you mapping yours have you had the engine strengthened at all? So far I've fitted a Cosworth panel filter and the GFB Respons DV. It has a Miltek cat back system already on it but its the Res version and is blowing so I'm having it all sorted next week with the Res box being replaced with 3" pipe.
  4. Hi WideSam, Thanks for the welcome. Yeah I'll make sure to check them regularly. I'm assuming this club has alot of members that attend meets?
  5. Hi all, new member in Norfolk. I recently ticked another of my bucket list wishes buy owning a WRX STI, I've owned WRX's in the past and wanted to eventually own an STI. Here are a few pics, its standard atm but that will probably change. I'm looking forward to shows and meets this year.