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  1. Thanks for all your advice guys, it’s a been really appreciated. 😀 I took the car back to the garage which fitted the radiator, after a bit of investigating, they had established, that the radiator had emptied its self, via an oil cooler pipe, which had come loose. They bled the whole system and road tested it. It seems fine now. Thanks again.
  2. Your a star thank you for that, I’ll give your method a try tomorrow (I’ll let you know the result 😀).
  3. How would I release the air from the airlock? (Sorry, I’m a bit rubbish at mechanical stuff 😞).
  4. I have an issue with my car, it was previously over heating, I took it to a garage about a month ago, who identified that the Radiator needed replacing which they did. Now tonight, took it for a run down dual carriageway for about 4 miles, then city driving for about 2 miles and the temperature gauge zoomed straight up to red area, I pulled over to let it cool down, 5 mins later I drove to home (about another half mile) and flipped the bonnet. Checked the levels, all fine, I checked the oil for white goo, nothing. Totally at a loss, at the cause. My car is standard running 300 BHP (Prodrive upgrade from new), I’ve owned the car 9 years, it has 85k on clock and never wanted for anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.