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  1. I'm looking for a pair of door cards for my Sti as the previous owner had butchered thb bigger speakers. Anyone got any lying around or know any friendly breakers? I've seen a pair on eBay for £80ish but seems quite steep. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the comments, just to update the thread. It was a cracked radiator, all sorted now 👍
  3. The larger one behind the little one
  4. This is the pipe that steam comes out from if that helps
  5. HI all, I have a SG5 Sti that has started to overheat after about 10 minutes. Wondering. If anyone has any ideas? I have checked the coolant and all fine, also no bubbles and can't see it leaking from the exhaust pipe. The fans seem to come on and at that point the revs drop. No custard visable in the engine or oil cap. Steam comes from the black pipe which connects to the radiator once its hot. When the temp rises going up hill if I lift off the gas the temp drops down about a quarter of a dial very quickly. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or if it's a common thing. I've seafched the net but nothing. Thanks