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  1. Thanks guys. It's in very good nic for its age, 153k on the clock with full Subaru service history up until 10,000 miles ago. Only things it needs is front tyres that are close, so gonna get new all round this week and the dome light doesn't come on with the doors, (but I'm assuming it's just the bulb, haven't had chance to check). Paintwork on the bonnet is a bit dull and surface scratches but I'm not complaining. I did however have to read the handbook to find the wing mirror adjuster! Lol
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the info. I'm more impressed by it, every time I drive it. Happy Days!
  3. Hi all, We've just purchased our first Subaru. She's a 2004 Legacy Estate 3.0 R. To say I'm impressed is an understatement! Please excuse me in advance for any daft or "already asked a million times" questions. I do however have one question... I dont seem to be able to find a Haynes manual specific to this car, do they do one? Thanks.