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  1. Sorted! Subaru customer services came back. to the right of the steering wheel is a pull down panel with a keypad. switch ignition on, press 7 on the keypad and switch ignition off within 5 seconds. I got it wrong first time, but second time it worked? Result!
  2. Brack, thanks your suggestion,,, i’ve Left a note for Subaru Cust services... my dealer is relatively new to the franchise so I wouldn’t expect him to know all the wrinkles... yet! 😃
  3. Brack, thanks for the video link... tried it but that option is not available on my forester... the option I have is all on one screen as below
  4. Thanks for the replies... I don’t use the key fob to open the car, fingers behind the handle does that, there is no option on the OEM satnav to change the locking, maybe it’s a US option only? Down to the dealer I think!
  5. Is there a way to (1) stop the auto locking of the doors and (2) open all doors at once on my keyless locking/unlocking 2018 Forester? i find it very annoying that I have to unlock passenger doors from inside after I have opened the drivers door!