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  1. Hello all does anyone have any adive about car bringing up p1130. I think best place to start is o2 sensor (located front header). Would really appreciate anyone's advice. Or past experience. Thanks
  2. Car bringing up p1130 and started popping through exhaust. What should I change first. Front o2 sensor?
  3. Hello does any one know if front plastic wheel arch liners are the same on bugeye wrx and blobeye wrx. Thanks
  4. Again I appreciate response thanks. Do you recommend doing the tgv's delete. Should be straight forward as far as I can tell if I just take the flaps out and leave all the rest of the workings in place. I.e leave everything plugged in and leave shafts in.
  5. Iv been looking to see if I had any air leaks and I think I have found the cause of the problem. Can any one tell me what this little solinoid looking thing is?? Definitely been sucking air. Would this be the cause of the p0171 fault code bank 1 lean??
  6. Thanks for replys appreciate it.
  7. Hello has anyone got advice about light on my dash p0171 bank 1 lean. I have just had full exhaust system off and replaced all exhaust gaskets as some were leaking. Now I have got this code coming up. Were is the best place to start?
  8. What's the best coolant for my wrx 2003 impreza?