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  1. Hi can someone let me know where all vin numbers are located on my JDM Hawkeye? There is a small window at the passenger side corner of my windscreen but I cannot see any numbers through the small window? Vin played is under bonnet which I can see. Any help / advice appreciated?
  2. Thanks for that, I had the cobra as my choice purely based on the external sound and from what you say inside cabin noise isn't too bad either. Cobra it is then.
  3. Hi all, Iam new to the Subaru market and after some advice if possible Iam looking to purchase an exhaust system with sports cat for my recently purchased Subaru (currently around 340BHP). Iam after something fairly quiet with cabin drone down to a minimum and have been looking at the following items- 1) Hayward and Scott 100 cell sports cat (3"-2.5") coupled to either a scoobyworld race box with centre pipe and resonator. 2) Hayward and Scott 100 cell sports cat (3"-2.5") coupled with the Cobra 2.5" track day friendly system (centre pipe has 2 off resonators installed). Current system thats on the car is unknown and is a full 3" system which is way too loud.