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  1. Massive thanks Tidgy, that's a relief. Do you think its a good idea to compound it and see if its on top of the paint? Or is it more likely it's worn clear coat and paint? To touch i feels smooth but don't want to make it worse.
  2. As the title says really, noticed this blemish on the drivers side rear arch and since its right in known rust zone, I'm hoping it's not but would like a more experienced opinion. As always any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. Thanks for all the great information everyone, indefinitely looking forward to this upgrade .
  4. Thanks for the answer Tidgy, I have found some non-Whiteline heavy duty ones on ebay I have used the seller before, they seem to get some of the rarer OEM stuff and are very good on price, I've messaged them and they say they'd be spot on for a 22mm ARB. This kinda begs the question, Should I buy these at £50 or go the full Whiteline route and pay double? Will Whiteline last twice as long?
  5. Hi thanks for reading. As the topic says, I'm wanting to upgrade the rear ARB to a Whiteline 22mm, I've hear nothing but good things about the effect it will have on the handling on my 07 Hawkeye WRX. The question is will I need the heavy duty drop links? I'm looking at the heavy duty ones product code KLC26 and these are £93.25 or the £55.10 W23480, which are described as "Direct replacement for standard droplinks". Obviously I prefer to buy the cheaper ones if they'll do the job, usually I'd just contact the website but I suspect they'll try to sell me the more expensive whether I need them or not, so I'm hoping someone may have had experiance with either the ARB or drop links. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated thanks.
  6. Just wanted to follow up just in case anyone looks at this thread with the same problem. It's actually a really easy job, there're 3 screws to undo, the first is on the side of the dash and can only be accessed when the door is open, it's a plastic screw and pops out with little effort, it's the only screw there so you can't miss it. The other two are metal, the first is located right next to the bonnet release catch and the last is at the other side of the trim at the bottom right next to the centre console, a light would be good to locate and line it up. After that just give it a little tug (can I say that the not bring attention to it?) and it just drops down, don't worry about the wires they're all long enough to let it drop to the floor and that's it. Hope someone in the future might find this useful.
  7. Thanks for the information Siluro, should be able to work it out from this.
  8. As the titles says really, I need to remove the lower dash trim drivers side on my Hawkeye WRX and can't find a video online showing how its done Thanks in advance for any help or advice it very much appreciated
  9. I've just discovered this exhaust is made by Toyosports, aka questionable quality, putting it politely. It won't be getting fitted. Thanks for the help any way, very much appreciated 👍
  10. Not heard anything about flexi being a problem, could you elaborate a little please.... Do I need to start a new thread 😵
  11. Thanks for both reply's Sorry should of said it's a 07 WRX Hawkeye. Everything's fine with the cat, the down pipe and sports cat where a bargin off ebay, only paid £77. Had been looking at a Cobra one at £430 so just bought it on impulse really. I've only had the Hawkeye 9 months, I am planning on getting a remap done but was thinking after a couple of MOT's, get a feel for the car first and root out any niggles if there are any. Not really wanting any gains, guessing any would be negligible anyway, as my insurer doesn't even charge for changes to the exhaust, another reason I bought it. Bottom line is, if I fitted it it'd have to go on a dyno/rolling road, Can anyone recommend one in west Yorkshire, only 4WD one seems to be RS tuning in Leeds. If I wait to fit it, whats the best way to store the downpipe for 18 months?
  12. As the title says, I have a down pipe with sports cat to fit (I already have a cat back fitted), my main worry is will it over boost and damage the engine if I don't get it remapped. I know it's advisable if fitting a full de-cat, but not sure about high flow cat. Thanks for any advice, its greatly appreciated
  13. Hi and thanks for reading. My problem is as follows. I have a 2007 Impreza WRX Hawkeye (I know this is for Forester's) and I'm trying to add a few mod cons, with my current project being steering wheel controls, which I have to start from scratch. I've bought a nice 2007 Forester Momo wheel from ebay with the required buttons which I'm wanting to connect to a Pioneer head unit using a 3.5mm jack, with a CTMULTILEAD.2 Universal Stalk Steering Control. I've identified the wires connecting to the audio controls on the wheel. The black wire is used to earth the system to a point on the back of the air bag. After this I'm uncertain and beginning to guess, I think the red and blue are power, if this is the case where can I tap in to get some current or will the MULTILEAD use the 3.5mm jack to power the SW buttons like headphone controls? This leaves the orange/silver and white/silver wires on the wheel, looking at the MULTILEAD it requires 3 wires either; purple, green and orange or keys 1, 2 and GND. If I'm right GND will connect to the black ground wire, orange/silver will connect to key 1 and white/silver (or reversed) to key 2 and the power from the 3.5 mm jack. If I'm wrong, can anyone advise me of what to do or what tool I may need to find out what each wire actually does? Thanks in advance for any advice, it's greatly appreciated
  14. So I'm looking at fitting some HT Autos bumper lips to my hawkeye. After much searching I can only find pictures of this angle, does anybody have these fitted and has pictures of what they look like from the rear? If possible ones that haven't been lowered, I'm finding it strange that no-ones posted pic's of them as they seem a cheap and potentially decent mod. Thanks for reading
  15. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. Really like the ramps stevief, even more impressed with the motor, loving the 340R in that colour