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  1. Compression test is complete same reading on all cylinders
  2. All readings are exactly the same 160 psi ignore the first photo
  3. This can’t be good surely all plugs are the same as this
  4. I was told the darker plugs are towards the gear box (coil packs and injectors)
  5. Is there anyway I can send you a video of what it is doing
  6. No it still stutters and pops in neutral and stand still but it will rev past it if you really push it but it sounds awful
  7. It does throw an engine light like if you unplug the maf or the map so I know it stores codes because I used to get code 33 a lot
  8. Just to add the Rev counter when it reaches 4000 begins to bounce back and fourth between 3500 and 4500 rpm
  9. Yeah I was rotating cam so lobe was facing away from the lifter do I compression test with a warm engine or cold I’m assuming warm as all materials would have expanded and give me a true reading?
  10. What are lash caps sorry complete novice
  11. I did have valves reseated while heads were off
  12. Only 2 of the 8 on passenger head would twist but how do you adjust these?
  13. I have iridium heat 7 as running around 330 bhp on a chipped z4 ecu they are gapped at 0.6 i have plugged the black connectors in and the engine light just stays on no flashes I have disconnected the battery and left over night to reset ecu but still it persists is there anyway I can upload a video?
  14. The gasket put on was a 1.4mm mls I need to re check the compression but I have no valve tolerance at all is this right with the hydraulic cups?