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  1. Thanks for feedback Jay. I guess Australia could be an option but I do travel to the UK occasionally so to organize a trip for this purpose would not be a problem. And the shipping part can be arranged by an agent I would hire in Thailand. I need then someone to strip and crate. I will try to contact Pole Position. Thanks
  2. Hi all. I’m Tim. I live in Thailand and I’m an XV owner. Reason I’m posting is because I’m seriously considering building a Factory Five Racing 818 kit car (see https://www.factoryfive.com/818/ ), which requires a WRX (or the STi model) donor car. According to FFR the most suitable model is a 2006 WRX (or Sti). It’s not possible to pick up a decent condition WRX in Thailand at a reasonable price to use as a donor vehicle. So my plan B is to possibly buy a suitable WRX in UK, strip out the required donor parts and ship just those parts to Thailand. But here’s where my plan B fails. With me being based in Thailand, I need someone in the UK to strip the donor vehicle and crate the donor parts and ship to me in Thailand. I will come to UK to look for and purchase the vehicle etc but I can’t stay much longer than about 2 weeks. Here’s my question for the club. Does anyone know of a reliable Subaru workshop that could be trusted to strip the required parts out of a WRX , crate them and ship them? The workshop can keep the left over parts (and there will be many usable spares left over). Of course I would pay for this service. Thanks, Tim