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  1. Thanks for the reply I always preferred cars with chain( I come from a BMW) , I've bought the car last Friday so I'm with it 1 week now and I'm really enjoying it. Very nice car, nice smooth and a lot of space. Btw I'm not Spanish just living here 😂
  2. Hello to everyone, I'm Daniel I live in Spain and I'm in the process of buying Subaru outback from 2015 2.0d with automatic gearbox. I tried the car and I really liked it, comes with everything that was available, gearbox works really smooth and I have a couple of questions because Subaru is almost completely unknown to me. I know they had big issues with this diesel engine and my question is this sorted in this last models and does this car comes with timing belt or chain and if it's a belt when needs to be changed? Thanks in advance