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  1. The car hasn't been modified at all by the previous owner, tyres have all decent tread left on them. The last MOT was last month and there were no advisories
  2. So say I'm going through a corner at 50mph, I am gently on the throttle, I can feel the tyres lose grip and the backend come out slightly as if it's a rear wheel drive.
  3. Hello guys, I have noticed when driving my scooby through corners i can feel the tryres begin to lose grip and they were squealing. It wasn't like i was taking the corner too hard. The tyres are hankook as well so they're not bad tyres. Any ideas what could cause this, or whether that's just how scoobies drive. Cheers fellas
  4. There's no noticeable noise, just the discs are boiling hot
  5. Hi everyone, I've recently bought a WRX wagon 2005, very tidy has been looked after. I have noticed after driving the car, whether it's for 10 minutes or an hour, without excessive braking, both of the front brake discs are very hot. I don't think the brakes are sticking. Any ideas what this could be? Cheers.