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  1. It's not what I have done today but what I want to do - I want some front rubber mats for a 2019 XV instead of those hairy standard ones that are a pain to clean, what are the best to buy. I only need the front ones, would even buy used if they are ok. incidentally my rubber boot liner is from a 2004 Discovery, it was cut down to fit a Freelander 2 and Discovery Sport, still going strong. just been looking at the Plastidip info - great idea and looks good, will definitely have todo this soon!
  2. Had my dashcam on for a few days now, it's mounted centrally under the mirror and has caused no problems so far! I still have it on a suction mount but will be changing for an adhesive one in a few weeks, these are slightly smaller and will let me tuck it up under the mirror better. bob
  3. I have bought a 2019 XV. this has some LED lights but in the manual there is no info as to what they are or how fit them, does anybody have any info? I would like to make up a lightbulb pack to take to Europe. Bob
  4. I have a 2019 XV Premium and I could use some roof cross rails. only for occasional use so I don't want to pay dealer price / silly money. Dont know if previous versions fit. I have heard that Aldi sometimes do them but never when I go there. based near Bingley West Yorkshire but could travel when I recover from radiotherapy (I.e. stop glowing in the dark!). Bob H
  5. Using a Nextbase 512 and hardwiring kit ( essentially a piggyback fuseholder and low voltage limiter), but similar for most cameras. Remove the driver side dash end cover - small screwdriver / knife etc. Then pull off. Remove the driver side dash fuse cover - pulls off. Locate the required dashcam position, mine is behind and under the rear view mirror, as far up as possible. I am using a suction base for now, then an adhesive base when happy with the position. Clean the mounting position. Plug the connector into the camera. Run the supply wire carefully behind th
  6. We have just bught an XV Premium 2 Litre from KT Green in Otley, West Yorkshire via a recommendation from not only our next door neighbours but also another friend as well. Really easy to deal with, test drove a car before they even knew my name. No pressure sales tactics and a good cup of coffee to boot. We needed one quickly because my Disco Sport had just been written off so Matthew the Sales Manager said that if we wanted one so quickly why didn't we buy the demonstrator, only 2000 on the clock and a really good deal instead of ordering one - so we did. This has been a reall
  7. Not got my XV yet but looking to fit my Nextbase 512 dashcam, I have seen the post about the correct live fuse but has anyone any other info / ideas. I have fitted them before so will eventually figure out what works, just looking to make life easier! Bob H
  8. Hello all, New to Subaru after 30 years of Landrovers. just in the process of getting an XV on the recommendation of our next door neighbour who have had several in the past. Apart from a brief test drive I have no experience of this brand, but our local dealer KT Green are very friendly and helpful, they have gone above and beyond already and we do not even have a firm commitment to buy yet! Hope our relationship continues to flourish. I generally like the car so far but the only niggles would be lack of parking sensors and the inclusion of a CD player, come on Subaru, we
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