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  1. Hello friends! I have sprung a fuel leak. Typically it's in a difficult position to see exactly where but I think it's in a joint area. Does anybody know whether I can replace whole lot with high pressure fuel pipe or is this just stupid? It seems that the parts I require are no longer produced or available and I'm looking into as many options as possible, so please, if anybody can help and give me some guidance that would be very much gratefully received the car is 2001 legacy gl estate, 2.0l BH5 EJ201 and the leak is coming from 1 of 3 pipes (maybe more) that come from a canister thing and then runs up and through rear cradle to engine. It's quite a lot of fuel dripping but only when running. I presume I shall have to syphone (spellings) the fuel out of tank? I'm only a weekend warrior....... many thanks Verity