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  1. Thanks for that at least its a start, he's had no joy whatsoever so far and the only thing i could find on that code was a secondary air pump fault but couldn't find out whether the diesels even had one fitted, the local garage thinks they can fix it but hopefully they are not like some main dealers who will just chuck parts at it until its fixed, i'll see if i can find a local specialist for him.
  2. It doesn't look like anyone has come across this so far on here then.
  3. Hi all, my friend has got a 2012 Outback boxer diesel and around two months ago the dpf light started flashing so he took it to Subaru and they turned it off and as far as i can remember they said there wasn't an issue 🙄 anyway a couple of weeks ago it came back on with some other lights (not sure which ones) and now its running like its a non turbo, i watched a youtube video which said a common fault with these engines is that the vac pipes go brittle and crack and create air leaks which gives the maf false readings and causes poor running etc so he went back to Subaru and they sold him the intercooler turbo hose part number 21869AA170 as apparently its common for them to cause issues, anyway he's fitted that and there's no difference in the running issue so he went to the local garage who produced the code and the mechanic said its a main dealer fault code and that he couldn't read the fault because of it, i was hoping someone might be able to shine some sort of light on this before he has his pants pulled down? Thanks in advance and sorry if i banged on a bit there!