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  1. Thanks mate very much appreciated !!!
  2. Hi all. My 2010 diesel Outback has a fuel leak and I cant see anywhere what the part is called that its leaking from. It is leaking behind the tank , above the rear near side wishbone. There is a metal bulb with a pipe in at the top and out at the bottom. It looks like that has corroded but what is it called? Any help would be much appreciated. Also has anyone replaced one before and is it a nightmare to get at it? Looks very tight up in there Copied and pasted from a previous post by another member as its exactly the same issue I have. Many thanks Graham
  3. Hi mate bit of a longshot but did you manage to find out what this part was ?
  4. Hi all quick question , my 2010 diesel outback has developed a leak from passenger side rear . According to mechanic it is coming from a secondary filter ?? He said it has never been serviced so it is failing, Ive never heard of a car having 2 fuel filters , if it is leaking can anyone point me in the direction of the part number so i could get hold a one to replace it. Many thanks !! Graham