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  1. Final reduction this weekend to 16995 if someone wants to grab a bargain before we move the car on. Retail car for trade money.... FSH from Subaru, 1 Owner, recently inspected, new pads and discs all round for the new owner. 07544987058
  2. Happy to entertain offers around 17,500 if someone likes the car. It's probably the lowest mileage example on the market at this price point. Great little track car for someone!
  3. Hi all, we have managed to acquire a super low (3715 ) mileage 2016 BRZ. If you know anyone who would appreciate a car like this please feel free to get in touch, it would be nice to see it go to a enthusiast. FSH from Subaru and recently inspected with new discs and pads all round. Any enquiries welcome. Full advert at or 07544987058