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  1. So it turns out I can’t really get what I want on the open market. Many cars from Japan in the U.K. don’t seem to have validated mileage, and from experience a large percentage come clocked. Anyway... I am looking to fly out to Japan to get what I want... looking now at a 2004 STI spec C WR limited. Can anyone recommend any car auctions? Will happily fly out to Japan, of course UK places welcome. Used to go to A1 Southampton docks that isn’t around... If anyone here knows an agent or any very good auctions in Japan and can give contacts, if it pays off a drink will come your way :-) thanks guys
  2. Any insight would be great, I know the RA is the stripped back model. But not too sure on the Type R STI (other than a type R is two door)... maybe that’s the only difference?
  3. I’ve always appreciated nice version 1s. My dad used to import them for a living some 10-15 years ago. Just looking for a great example to use around 3 times a week (I’m in central London) but also something that won’t lose money. Ideally a nice clean 99/00 STI. Have a good budget for the right one. Thanks again
  4. Thank you for the reply. I had seen it, nice car but a lot more work done to it than I would like. Looking to maybe import one myself after looking around.
  5. Not sure how to edit this. Doesn’t have to be R or RA
  6. Hey everyone, looking to buy the above. Under 60k mileage (must be confirmed), 1997+ year. Will look at anything that fits what I’ve written. My dad has imported close to 100 Impreza’s (when I was too young to drive) and now I want one! Cash in bank ready, not just browsing. Thanks, Eddie