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  1. She’s home! More pics tomorrow hopefully!
  2. Cheers guys, much appreciated as always.
  3. Cheers for that tidgy, will do! I’m just gonna go and google ringland!
  4. Any issues or cheeky little tests like the suspension one for the gearbox whilst I remember and I’ve got you?
  5. Cheers Jay, that’s much appreciated! Can’t wait, I’m like a kid on Xmas eve again! I’ll chuck some pictures on if she comes home with me! Cheers again.
  6. Now then all, new to the community. Fingers crossed I pick up my new addition to the family on Saturday. White 09 wrx sti hatchback. I’m sure the answers are there in the forums but any hints or tips on what to look for when looking round and test driving would be greatly appreciated. Tom