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  1. I had a similar problem with my outback. Cruise light on engine management light flashing and s drive stuck in “s”. The solution I found was 1) loosen filler cap - big rush of air into the tank. 2) reset trip computer and hey presto the lights go off. think it might be related to fuel starvation with vacuum in the tank. hope you find a solution
  2. Balance the fuel cost against the fun. My 3.0R Outback won't do better than 25mpg but the buzz when you accelerate is incredible.
  3. I have 4 wheels supplied as extra with my Outback. Not in brilliant condition. Shout if you want to know more. Not sure what they are worth but someone must want them. Im in Herefordshire UK
  4. I'm new to Subaru too after years of wanting one. I found an 08 with 85k on the clock for £3500 on eBay. It's a 3.0R with FSH leather winter pack automatic with "paddle shift" and Kenwood dab. I'm thrilled with it. Compares to previous cars which included an M5 and Carlton 3.0 GSI. You won't be disappointed I'm sure
  5. No codes no fault found. No lights on after diagnostics but returned on the drive home from garage.
  6. Hello everyone. Recently retired and treated myself to an Outback 3.0 R automatic. Amazing machine ! Replacement for my motobility Yeti. Thrilled with the car but today the engine management and traction control lights are on permanently and the cruise control and I drive flashing ( stuck in sports mode ) local general garage cannot find a fault using their diagnostic kit. Google says the problem could be the fuel filler cap which I don’t understand. The cap is original. any advice ?