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  1. Hi looking for a coil pack for drivers side close too redcar area or newcastle area
  2. Curenlty have a wrx 2.5 hawkeye went out in it last night on a long drive and car was vibrating really bad what ever speed a did got better the faster i drove but then let off the gas and the vibrating though the car was extreme parked it up last night and got in it this morning drove down the road and car is whinning and when you turn the steering on full lock the whole steering wheel shakes like mad any advice too what it could be as iam baffled new too subaru
  3. Looking for the following parts for my 2007 wrx haweye Top feed fuel rails and lines Tdv delete kit Electronic boost controler Turbo inlet pipe silcone one in blue
  4. Curently bought a hybrid turbo for my subaru hawkeye and carnt get it in for a remap for a couple off weeks but use the car daily grage has told me that can limit the boost so it doesnt over boost while i wait for a remap ao i can still drive it can anybody advise how you limit the boost too stop it over boosting many thanks
  5. Okay so need some help i have a wrx haweye and i have change the weels too oz wheels there a scarping sound when turning corners also now happens when drving in straight line nothing catching scrape plates are fine had new break pads any body got any ideas many thanks