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  1. Not in this day and age, never liked the original shape. However a wrx with sti parts... it is 2019 still, have to stick with stereotypes and that. You guys do get a lot **** thrown your way like not sure why
  2. Yeah I am tempted by the saloon but it would have to be an sti. My thinking is a wagon is the best choice, wrx engine and the added space. I had a s15 and it wasnt big enough space wise for me. Hopefully by summer I'll be part of the Subaru vaping club 🙄
  3. Yeah see the 2.5 gets slot of stick. The blobeye front end is probably the best looking front end. Legacy for me doesn't look as nice. The wagon is purely to future proof the car. A smooth bonnet and some subtle mods will do it for me though I think. Can get a decent low mileage for cheap on the imports so I think I'm gunna do that in the next few months. A few quid in the bank is definitely needed I'm guessing so I'll keep that in mind
  4. Sorry for the late reply, been busy with work. Not sure, I think it's under a different system. I had a S15 a few years back and I think the tax was only like £240ish a year. Not made any solid decision yet but I'm leaning more to the blobeye just on front end looks. What are they like for reliability? I hardly see any Imprezas on the road
  5. Think I may have found solution to my problem. You can import a Hawkeye (comes with the 2ltr) for less than you can buy a uk Hawkeye. Win win, gunna see how it plays out though
  6. @Jay762 Fair one. So its similar in away to the focus st engine trouble? A big fault that is a gamble to whether or not you have a good engine. I'm gunna have to think about it properly. I had a quick look earlier and the hawk is meant to have more torque out the box, but the blob has better power. The hawk looks newer and suits the wagon better but I'm thinking, the blob is probably the better car, by the sounds of it.
  7. @Newman2213 I did look into getting an import but they usually carry a bigger price tag. @Jay762 I will have to have a look into the reliability issue, I thought that was just for the sti models? Other than potentially a more reliable engine and cheaper running costs, does the blob have any major advantages ie better chassis etc over the hawk? The car will be used mainly on a weekend, and I am tempted to change some parts to sti items just for the extra power and a more fun driving car. I will be looking into more in depth stuff when I get a chance but I'm leaning more towards a hawkeye for a wagon, just on looks. What are the uk270's are they worth the slight bit extra for one?
  8. Hello people, I'm a newy to this forum so thought I'd say hi. I come from Wakefield but spend most of my time down near Ipswich. I do not own a Subaru yet but I will be getting one next summer if possible. Quick question regarding the car, it will be a WRX wagon, due to the extra space. Which year would people recommend and why? I like the look of the Hawkeye and the 2.5 sounds like it would be a more able car. I do see a lot of people rave about the blobeye though. Can someone please shed some light on why which model is better and why?