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  1. Ive just bought a 2006 cross sports auto, its bloomin quick (compared to my previous saab aero), pulls like a beast off the lights and (not tried yet-need private land first) i reckon 6 secs to 60, ride is surprisingly supple and handles potholes well, little lean in corners but isnt bad at all, yet to try pushing hard as just getting used to the car. Hth.
  2. I have a triple beep coming from my 2006 Forester Cross sports, happens every 3-4 seconds all the time unless key in ignition, its not door open or lights on. Any ideas. Can even just make it out when i leave the car .
  3. Hi, buying a Cross Sports Forester, and obv need ins, however my ins can't seem to find what to insure it as, anyone have a Foz with Admiral! TIA
  4. Hi, I'm about to pick up my very first Subaru (and import) as i have wanted one for years and am finally able to. Picking up a 2006 56 plate 2.0 Cross Sports hopefully tomorrow (may take till wednesday depending on DVLA paperwork) Totally looking forward to it, it is a Pearl White one and there is very little i want to do to it (right now) Cheers Mark