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  1. Still has the HIDs fitted! New bulbs have made an improvement, will get an auto electrician to remove the wiring and angel eyes!
  2. Hi all! More inane questions.....Someone has fitted Angel Eyes, with an on/off switch, trouble is they are RED!!! I'm 99.999% sure they are a magnet for points on my licence!! Is it an easy swap to white? Or is blue legal? Also have valves fitted in the exhaust as per Maserati, which bypass the back boxes, trouble is, 3 position switch hidden under the dash, tried to find it, no luck yet, so stuck in loud mode! Changing all headlight bulbs tomorrow, and getting a legal front no plate, next project the fogs/spots which don't work due to being full of water! (Suppose I could buy a couple of goldfish!).
  3. Thanks Jay, will have a look! Dips are xenon, mains standard and are not right! Would really like HID's, anywhere near York supply and fit? Fogs/spots need changing as well! (I'll order some new bulbs tonite!).😲
  4. Hi all! Picked my 2005 gt 2.0 twinscroll wagon this afternoon. Goes great, just as advertised, etc, etc, but once I hit the back roads up here in darkest North Yorkshire, I was in real trouble! Dipped beam works, but is seriously lacking in range or brights, High beam makes very little to zero difference! Help!!!! I was holding up 2 cars, had to let a small 4x4 pass me! Still blushing with shame! Upgrade required!
  5. I'm looking for a good low miles, paddle shift with full service history, belts changed and not messed with! Cash waiting!
  6. I've been quoted £300 to change a jdm radio to uk spec, including full uk and europe **** nav and rear view cameras, hope that helps, your link didn't work!
  7. Found a Legacy 2.0 jdm, but badged pink front, rear and on the engine. Is this a recognised model, or just bling attached by the owner? The engine bay looks original, and the pink badge does as well! Ex Sti v3 wagon owner for 10 years, 115,000 happy miles in it!