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  1. I can't find that thread. But if the flashing means 10+10+1+1 then fault code 22 seems about right. Thank you
  2. My 2000 classic 2.0WRX GT check engine light has been coming on. I've connected the black plugs together and am getting 2 long flashes followed by 2 short flashes. Can anyone confirm if this means that the knock sensor if faulty please? I'm going to take it off and give it a clean anyway now but if the fault code is confirmed I'll probably replace it. Thanks in advance.
  3. After some help. My classic has a sanden trs090 r134a compressor fitted and I need a new pulley for the tensioner. I can't find the tensioner anywhere. Has anyone got any pointers on where to look please? I'll try and add a picture of the tensioner bracket. It sits underneath the compressor and the pulley is shot.
  4. Finally purchased an impreza turbo. Always wanted a classic and now I have one. Needs some work (rear arches are shot, rear end pretty rusty underneath) but going to drive and enjoy it for a few months.