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  1. Thanks Lads, Sorry not replied till now, sent a reply but never went anywhere, wondered why no one answered me. I did buy a sniff test kit on ebay blue liquid but not conclusive Also bought one of those Funnel kits for refilling the Rad fits in place of the Rad cap so air can escape while engine running. I did notice when running the engine with the Funnel in place there was showing in the Funnel at a regular rate.. ..Did I see MOT garage should be able to tell if Hydrocarbons are present with their test equipment. If any one knows of a good garage in kent I would love to have their details. Many Thanks for your input. RPM150 ,
  2. Hi, It's my Daughters car I would like some help with. She has an Impreza WRX STI PPP 2006 that has done 85000 miles. The car over heated, due to a leak in the Radiator. She drove about another 2 miles once cooled down, then the AA transported her home. Rad changed, but the engine overheats when driven. Ok when ticking over. Temperature gauge rock steady in the middle. No sign of Water in oil, on dip stick in rad or water out of exhaust. As you can tell my knowledge of engines is limited. Is there any way we can tell if it is the head gasket or could it hopefully be the thermostat? I have now stepped in to try and help. The car has know been standing for about 3 months and it's such a shame to see it like that. If you can suggest any way I can test if it is a head gasket blown. Your advise would be greatly appreciated so we can get this great car flying again. Thanks again RPM150