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  1. hey. thanks for reply! yes was just putting it out there to see if it got any interest. thanks for the advise though, will take it on board...
  2. Hi. my name is steven and i am looking to part with my type r. it has many mods, now a 2.1 stoker producing around 350bhp and around the same torque, fully forged, done by williams motor sport in wales, mapped by simon at jolly green monster. sad to say he is no longer with us. a lot more besides, have all paperwork to prove work carried out. due to financial reasons i am looking for a quick sale. these cars will be worth serious money in a few years time and you never see them on the road. i will leave a contact number so if anyone is interested can send pictures and a more detailed description of it. contact no: 07795250474. thanks for looking...