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  1. Hi, All went well and both sides replaced in reasonable time. The only thing that went a little !Removed! up was on the top mount....i snapped one of the studs while doing up one of the nut!!!!!!!!!! Should I get a new top mount or should the two studs be sufficient. 😞 Not an abused Forester....gentle day to day short drives. Cheers
  2. Mr B, Thanks for all the help .... so far 🙂 Parts are all ordered and will start work as soon as they arrive. Any tips, what issues I may have etc. Cheers.
  3. That is great information. 🙂 Why not get the springs from carpartsinmotion??
  4. Hi, New here so please be gentle! Rear shocks have gone on the FORESTER. They have the self leveling attachment and the existing part No. is 20360 SA 111 Left Hand Side and 20360 SA 101 Right Hand Side. Struggling to find replacement......what alternatives can I use, do I have to use the self leveling type or can I use non self leveling. Cheers.