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  1. Hi Brack, Juddian, thanks for the advice. It's appreciated. I'd already seen a few videos from "softroadingthewest", which were very helpful, especially the build walk round. Certainly worth considering. I've also been looking into the Outback - theres a few videos up on youtube as well - and I reckon I might go in that direction - especially the H6 engined one, Juddian. After many hours trying to make my way through the maze of getting insurance in Canada it seems it might be easier and cheaper to buy a vehicle here, ship it over drive round for a year and ship it back! The problem with the Canadian insurance is lack of any no claims on Canadian roads so quotes are likely to be in the region of £4k. RoRo shipping to Baltimore is in the region of £600 each way and I'm waiting on a response from a US insurance broker recommended on the Overland Association website. It also takes the pressure of finding a vehicle - I can take my time getting just what I want over here., rather than feeling railroaded into buying something there. Thanks again for the help
  2. Hi, I'm hoping for a bit of help with a purchasing decision. I'm looking to have a 12 month driving holiday in north America during 2020 / 2021, which will entail buying a car in Canada and touring round Canada and the US. The idea is to visit as many of the US national parks as possible - especially the ones over in Utah, Colorado and Arizona before returning across the Rockies. I envisage that the great majority of miles will be on surfaced roads but I also want the option of following unmade trails - nothing massively off-road though. The Forester strikes me as an ideal choice and I was wondering if anyone had any advice / experience / recommendations between either a late model 2003 - 2008 series or an early 2009 onward one? Is there any great difference between the 2 with regard to reliability and off-road ability? The vehicle will be bought in Canada so it'll have to be a petrol one. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi looking to buy a Forester so will be asking a few simple questions over in the Forester forum, which will, hopefully, point me in the right direction. Cheers