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  1. So I finally managed to take off the air cleaner case and the ECU as well as move cables out of the way sufficiently to take off the manifold covers and take a look at the glow plugs. The good ones look like this (please excuse that pine needle there): But the bad one looks like this: To me this looks like electric erosion from an arc, but I might be wrong. Is this something that the vaunted special tool the Subaru dealerships have can deal with ? To my unscientific mind, this looks like a sure case of needs-to-be-drilled.
  2. Hi all, I found this post and joined the forum while researching the P037E error code I am getting on my 2014 Outback diesel. The check engine light and the yellow light for the parking brake are on as well. From all I have read here my guess would be the glow plugs. I just passed 160.000km and the car is used regularly for hunting trips so it sees its fair share of heavy loads and mud. Thank you chaps so much for compiling all this info on the glow plugs and what to watch out for. I will make sure to hand this over to my local independent garage as my guess is that they might not have Subaru specific experience. Just one quick question: assuming the problem is indeed the glow plugs, is that an issue I could drive another 500km with or should the vehicle be moved as little as possible until it can be serviced. My local garage is swamped right now because everybody and their dog is having their tyres changed for the winter.