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  1. Got some info. Amount of previous owners? 7 owners since 1998 Registration of the car? R709 DNB Was the car imported? Yes all Type R's are imported this was imported in 1998 by Subaru. I thought it may be P1. What gearbox is in the car? - Its a 5 speed original gearbox. Original paintwork? No the car is immaculate throughout with zero stone chips so it would suggest it has been painted at some stage How much paperwork comes with the car (i.e, receipts for the modifications, auction sheet, service history) Yes has extensive history and we have a folder full of paperwork. All modifications Are documented as the last owner was meticulous with paperwork. Auction sheet is not relevant as the car was brand new when imported so would be grade 5. We also have all old mots to verify the miles.
  2. Hi folks, Been looking for a Type R this past 6 months. I have not found anything as of yet but I have seen this highly modified example. It has been for sale a long time. Just wondering why it has not sold yet?