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  1. @Mr B that's not a bad shout but it seems like the process of draining and re-gassing is as expensive as a replacement pump so if I installed a used one and it has an issue it's a costly mistake. Bearing this in mind I would rather pay a little bit more for a new or refurbed unit. My problem is knowing what is compatible...?
  2. Unfortunately my pump (and dryer) needs replacing and i'm struggling to find suitable replacements in the UK. I have a 2014 Forrester XT (petrol, auto) The current pump is a Valeo 73111FJ050, i've found a few on the following site but their OEM compatibility number is slightly different (last three digits). Does anyone know if these are ok? If not where I can find a replacement? Also any pointers on where to locate a dryer would also help. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have the following: 2014 Forrester XT 26,000 miles Serviced at local Subaru dealer since new Today I noticed a weird buzzing noise in the engine bay, on further inspection it looks to be the air con compressor (see video). I've noticed recently when the air con kicks in I can hear a sucking sound as if it needs a top-up and it's not as efficient as it should be (which is has never had). 1. Does it seem like my compressor is now screwed? 2. Would a top-up maybe fix this? 3. Are they serviceable or just not worth it? I have a Honda S2000 and the specialist who l
  4. Had my 2014 XT from new. It's our main family and we love it but we walk most places and I work from home so has only covered 20k in five years. I pay for my annual service with Subaru as i'm keen to keep everything in-check with the warranty however the next service is due and as it's out of warranty I would prefer to take it to a local garage I trust. I have an S2000 which goes to a specialist who people travel the country to visit and whilst I know it's a totally different car they are exceptional. I would have kept it with Subaru but the service last years was £540 and it just doesn't
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