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  1. Seems quite good that 1st choice for parts still getting quotes latest ones 194
  2. Maybe just have to bite the bullet
  3. Its nice but didnt realise it was a decat, just found one from 1st choice parts 1 in mint condition from Japan apparently 324quid
  4. Cats defo still their rossco, seen it the other day, not sure if I wanna remove the cat if the codes gonna come up. Think I may have found one wonder if one off a Hawkeye would fit?
  5. Yes that's the latest part I need now need to find one asap not having much luck though.
  6. Yeah the centre sections the part I just got , I'm struggling to find that rear cat part none on ebay.
  7. It's that part I need now, garage struggling to source it . Gonna hafto find one... gutted
  8. That's what I thought. Wonder if theirs a way of welding a new flange on
  9. One end connects to the back box that's fine it's the other end
  10. Disaster just heard from garage, the flange the centre pipes connecting onto isnt in good enough shape to connect onto, what part is behind that? Hes saying it's not the cat piece
  11. So itll go out itself? I didnt know if the garage would just cancel the code or not🤔