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  1. Anyone had any issues with using throttle body/ intake cleaner on the maf?
  2. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Got the valve mate, eventually! What tools am I gonna need to do this just wanna make sure I've got everything in before I get started, bit nervous about !Removed! something up but I suppose ya wont learn if ya dont try
  3. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Still waiting on the valve, few weeks now🙄, dont suppose you got any pics when you did yours rossco? Found a vid on youtube but it was the american spec an its different somehow?
  4. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Spot on, I'll have a go with that then, any recommendations what pump an best place to get it?
  5. Daryl

    PCV valve

    I had a look on YouTube at a blobeye having one done an the access was the boot mate, presume itll be the same on the wagon eh, doesnt look too difficult tbh, I'll just have to pick some brains before going ahead with it
  6. Daryl

    PCV valve

    I'm a complete mong it's not oil on the filter it's just crap built up on the bottom side🤦‍♂️ , but gonna go ahead an replace the filter what do yous recommend was thinking the washable kn boyo, I'll be doing the pcv at some point anyways just thinking which might be worth while doing first put of that an the fuel filter.
  7. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Looking to do the fuel pump at some point too you done that mate?
  8. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Just hope it's not the piston rings eh🙄 are their any other signs if that was the issue? Yeah think its maybe one of those that gets overlooked an forgotten about, mine will be ready for it at 104k eh, what's yours done? Haha, I know people that have had sti's frequents at the gum clinic✌
  9. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Nice one well might aswell have a go see what happens, it's only a very small amount of oil on the filter, have you had it with yours? I thought you had an sti mate that was all
  10. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Cheers mate, is it in the same place on the wrx as the sti though? Just watched a video, people saying be careful which parts to loosen first to remove the intercooler an replace it, for boost leak an what not, is it a simple job? What the valve set you back mate?
  11. Anybody have any clue where the pcv valve is an 05 blobeye wrx? Can only find videos for sti's under the intercooler is it in the same place? .I've a bit of oil in the air filter so thought this would be a good place to start
  12. Ouch that's gonna sting If that's the case what about dirty diesels they're worse arent they🙄, fingers crossed its it's not the case.. ffs love the motor but 550 mind you its once a yr wonder if the 2.5s will go up aswell then
  13. Bit off topic but anyone know what these new road tax rules are gonna mean for us lot?
  14. Probably could do with a swap on the fluid just wasnt sure if itd be avoidable, those hoses look a bit suspect aswell tbh not sure if they'll be easy to get off the caliper either, I have an impact I could give it a blast with must be a fancy socket ya can get for the job though?
  15. The bolts are corroded as mate, god knows how they're coming off like, think it's a 14mm socket had a go an it just crumbled😭