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  1. Cheers lads just had a look on both sites are these the right ones says their for the ej20 on fitment🤷‍♂️. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/ngk-spark-plug-408991930
  2. In the spark plug swap out videos I've seen, theirs 3 plugs is this correct? I'm just about to order some from opie oils 15% discount this weekend. Ngk platinum doesnt say anything about 6 or 7 though stuartie
  3. Thanks very much for the I depth tips siluro, lucky you caught them on the dashcam! An that was a dealership just goes to show you ya cant trust some garages. seems like it could be quite tedious, so is it possible I could do damage before even knowing theirs a problem? I'm gonna have to find a video with the blobeye model to see where drain off is etc, not looking forward to it tbh 😬
  4. Yeah all standard here mate cheers stuartie, cars been runnin sweet since the front sensor swap out, 👌. Think I'm gonna change rad fluid next job, can it be a ball ache?
  5. Magic 👌 any particular plugs recommended?
  6. Oright gents back again, thinking about getting some spark plugs ordered for the weekend, any pointers would be much appreciated👍.
  7. Cheers mate I'll give that a go.. for sucha well engineered motor youd think a dip stick would be absolutely bob on lol. One more thing Haha got 2 keys with this car guy said the used one needed a battery only works close to the car an you have to press it a million times so annoying so I thought right I'll swap batteries... no difference, so put a battery in the other brand new key not working at all, will it need marrying up?
  8. Not even an trailing up the sides, engines stone cold. This is what it was like after I did it hard to read
  9. How am I getting this weird reading off the dip stick?
  10. Only charged 40 quid aswell
  11. Car went in to get the front 02 sensor done today at sw motorsport , top bloke steve really knows his stuff plenty of time for ya ,gave the motor a proper look over reckons it's been well looked after👍
  12. Cheers for pointing me in that direction mate much appreciated
  13. Ah well I dont really want to go replacing calipers if I dont need too I just need something half decent thatll work well an last a good bit, hes getting me a quote for front discs pads an hoses tommorow👍
  14. Rear pads should I meant
  15. Ok so I've not ordered yet just gonna go with oem size, just ordered front set of brembo pads from gsf, 72 down to 28👍 gonna get the rest tommorow from Asperformance spoke to the guy earlier top bloke plenty of time for ya.