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  1. Thanks. I’ve had the Weather Controls fitted. £496 for four which was a good price. They come out very well on various tyre tests especially wet grip. It’s always a compromise but given the low likelihood of snow where I live wet grip and aqua planing resistance is important to me. A reduction in snow grip I can live with. The Cross Climates were good tyres but they did have some poor scores in aquaplaning. Just driven 90 miles on M4 and the Weather Controls are quiet enough.
  2. I have recently bought Forester XT and it runs on Bridgestone summer tyres which will need replacing soon. My previous car, and wife's car, had Michelin Cross Climate+ and both drove without any problems during Beast from East. My last SJ Forester XE had Yokohama Geolanders but technology has moved on since then and the Bridgestone Weather Control would seem to meet my needs best and look sufficiently "grippy" to run over grass caravan sites too. Has anyone fitted these tyers and what was your experience? Size is 225/55/18 V rated.
  3. Hi, I just thought that I would say"Hi" as I have just bought Subaru Forester XT and look forward to seeing and contributing to the discussions on the Forum. I had SJ Forester XE lineatronic for three years and enjoyed it tremendously. But when I went back into towing caravan it wasn't relaxing drive whilst towing, being relatively low torque rating. So i moved to Superb 170ps DSG 4x4 estate. But recently I decide that I would like a SUV type car and looked at Freelanders, BMW etc but wanted a petrol engine. but these were few and far between, so eventually the decision was made for me; why not get the Forester XT. So I now have a MY14 silver grey XT, one owner, 38000miles, full history and nicely looked after. So after I have reacquainted myself with the complexities of the secret displays I am looking forward to driving it.