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  1. Hi yes I have the pin code. when I turn the key in ignition all the alarm is off as normal. can these units be reprogrammed in car or does it need replacing? i can only find units on eBay with no keys supplied can I buy a new unit from somewhere as a direct replacement . Or is the bypass a easier option ? i think the unit is behind the steering wheel ...
  2. Hi I am a new member looking for advice, hope someone can help. my 04 Subaru alarm system has shut my car down and I cannot find anyone willing to help. to help I have had my keys checked and the transponders are giving a signal out.But will not open the car.When I use my key to get in I have no alarm going off, I then turn the key and the dash will illuminate as normal but the car will not start. Iam struggling to find a auto electrician interested to take a look or even tell me what to do so I hope a fellow Subaru drive may have had the same problems and may be able to help...