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  1. Great, thanks for the info. That's saved me a few pennies. Cheers
  2. Right, I've just had a look at the shock, and engraved on it is the following: KYB 20360FC950 A google search seems to return websites from eastern europe, so I'm still none the wiser? Every KYB shock I've found on ebay lists various part numbers, but not this one.
  3. Cheers Mr B I've got a couple of hours free this morning so will get the wheel off and have a look. Did the majority of the Foresters had these fitted?
  4. Hi All I have a 2001 JDM S/Tb STi and one of the rear shocks has gone. I left the garage, (who discovered it during the MOT), thinking that I'd just order a replacement online (their normal supplier didn't stock any) but have now discovered that these can be self levelling or not. From what I've read so far, some of the early SF5s had self levelling which is easily identified as they have a second cylinder running alongside the shock, and then later ones had black self levelling shocks with no second cylinder/canister? I called the garage and spoke to the mechanic and he said that he would expect to see some extra tubing/pipework going to the shock which he doesn't recall seeing. Should there be addition tubing to the shock? If not, is there a simple way to tell if its self leveling or not? Thanks in advance