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  1. Rack is in tact that was one of the first things I checked. It threw me with the way it went its nothing I've every come across like you say I'd have no power steering but it'd still turn if the pump was at fault. I'm dragging it in to my garage tomorrow to have a proper look. I have the urge to do some tinkering at the minute so will look in to your suggestion thank you.
  2. Just had the fright of my life when my impreza r decided to completely lose all steering. Not just power steering but all steering. It came back and I managed to just dodge the curb but then did it again when driving straight. Anyone else experienced this or have any idea what it is? Thanks
  3. Thank you that's a really helpful guide. I do understand the work involved as I'm a mechanic. I have another car I can use while it's in the workings. I come from a family of mechanics as well so I have access to a lot of tools and discounted parts which is mostly why I want to do it plus the whole insurance thing. The other thing I thought about was doing a complete engine swap but again it'd come down to suspension quality, brake upgrades etc.
  4. Even stickers and decals are considered a modification. I work in a garage so if it really came to it I have a pretty good team who will come out and get rid of the modified evidence. No where will even offer a quote due to age and type of car. The nearest I got was 38k on a legacy just for a rough guide so definitely not an option.
  5. I know it will cost a lot but there's no way in hell I'm insuring a wrx. I want to move on and buy an sti eventually but I'm only 19 at the minute and no where will even offer me insurance so I want to have some fun with what I have now because let's be honest I've got no chance of having anything better for about 6 years lol.
  6. Hi, I'm wanting to put a turbo in my 1.5 r I know the Td04 is compatible but I'm just wanting some advice as to which parts to use (intercooler, air flow,, fuelling etc). I don't necessarily want a stupid amount of power it's just a fun project. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, thanks for the advice. What filters do you recommend?
  8. Thanks, its a lovely car to drive. Will give it a try they're not a bad price from k&n.
  9. Hi, I've just recently bought my first subaru - the 1.5 impreza R (slow I know, but all I can afford to insure at my age!) and I love it to pieces. I'm looking for advice on where to buy an induction kit and what parts are interchangeable etc. TIA