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  1. Thank you for your replies , i dont want it to be as stuff as a track set up up but enough to make the car feel sharper and more responsive , I'd like to replace the bushes and go poly Bush or would you recommend standard bushes? Wider wheels possibly? I've had bc racing coilovers before on another car and I did quite like them , not bad for the price they were but I might give meister r a try this time round or hsd possibly , im basically looking in to upgrading all the suspension and refresh anything that needs doing then some decent rubber and a good geo set up ! As for power wise , I'll definitely change the fuel pump and get a full exhaust system fitted and a panel filter as I'd like to keep the standard air box, and cooling is something I want to upgrade as although I'm not looking for a big power increase I'd like to make sure everything is working correctly and as efficiently as possible before remapping so the engine stands more of a chance of lasting , I like the idea of a baffled sump and a sti top mount , looked in to a front mount but I think itll be overkill for the power I want , I've seem on previous threads people have had these running at 330bhp but I just feel the wrx engine wouldn't cope well in the long run unless it's been forged also the gearbox Where is the best place to source parts ? Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  2. So I've decided to go for a blobeye wrx and I will be looking to tune for a fast road set up , my first mods I'd be looking in to would be suspension and brakes as for me handling and braking is the most important thing and power comes last As for power I'd want a reliable tune and looking into the 260-280bhp mark as I feel with a good suspension and braking set up and decent rubber this would be a good useable b road car Some of the threads I have read seem to say 280bhp is a fairly reliable power figure for these engines , any other advice or recommendations welcome as I am new to Subaru's so I'm as fresh as a daisy here so I might need some help along the way !
  3. Thank you for the link, I do also like the gc8 classic but theres so many different editions etc I'm just not sure where to start , I like the blobeye wrx however my worry with those is the reliability of the engine and 5 speed gearbox when upping the power , itll be only used for road and no track use so I wouldn't be aiming for silly power just enough power with the reliability of have a well balanced fun road car
  4. Hi at the moment I have around 6.5k to spend and I want a impreza I know I won't get a sti in this range so itll have to be a wrx but which model would be best to go for ? I'll be looking to modify aswell
  5. Thank you for the reply , I'd be looking for a blobeye as I've heard the 2.5 litre engines arnt as reliable as the 2 litre units , however I've read that most people think it's better to pay more money and buy a sti over a wrx as you get alot more for your money and itll cost less in the long run modification wise , it's only going to be a weekend toy so it's never going to be daily driven , just something I can mess around in every now and then, I just want a well looked after Impreza looking at prices I need to budget 12k for a decent sti blobeye and 5k for a good blob wrx, I'm just not sure weather to go for a wrx and lightly modify or just take the plunge and get the sti I've never driven a impreza so I'm not sure what to expect
  6. I've been thinking for a while now about owning a impreza I just keep getting that itch to get one so I I'll start with a wrx and see how I get on any recommendations on what model or year to buy ? I might do a bit of tuning on one any advice would be appreciated thanks