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  1. I’m a electrician and I detest car electrics, they’re a dark and evil art. More electronic than electrical (bigger difference than you’d think) the stuff in cars. Always a million ****** cables everywhere you look in cars too. Good luck haha!
  2. Just signed up and paid [emoji106]
  3. Haha yea it happens. Yea got it last Saturday. Miss the power massively, get it on a B road and it’s almost as much fun though. Nice having something more refined and new too. It looks mega too, overall I’m happy. Still plan to return to STi Type R world when I get my own place with a garage though. As long as prices don’t skyrocket. Otherwise I’ll settle for a regular classic STi lol
  4. Don’t tempt me! I’ve already been looking at supercharger and turbo kits! Haha. Far too much money on these though, may as well buy something else if I go that route. Plus don’t want to ruin reliability after worrying about engines blowing up for last 7 years lol
  5. After 3 Impreza’s ive now gone for a BRZ. & im loving it! Yes it’s down massively on power compared to my tuned Scoobies, but I’m having a great time in it, especially on the current wet roads :) Only got the ad pics at the minute thanks to the weather but she’s a beaut! Nice having something a bit more modern and refined for a change too. Mostly though I’m enjoying not having to worry about it rusting or worry about the engine deciding to randomly blow up on me at some random time, or driving it on salty roads. Can just drive and enjoy it :) just hope I don’t get bored of the low power too quickly. First job though is to get a UEL manifold put on it to get that burble back!
  6. **Deposit Taken** Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 1st view tonight. Sending me deposit tomorrow he says. Nope, not long at all haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Basically as Tidgy said. The gearing means It’ll be at 3700 revs at 70 so a thirsty and noisy on motorway trips. And no specific quirks in my ownership, just check the DCCD works correctly. Other than that, rest of it is usual Classic Impreza checks. Mainly check for rot and bad repairs! You won’t regret it. I love mine!! I’ll be proper gutted to see it go :( shame you weren’t looking sooner mine is for sale. May have got a buyer though...
  9. Thanks! ****, sorry forgot to put it on. £9700
  10. Yea, sounds just like a Impreza :). Except for maybe even more pronounced since it doesn't have a turbo. The one I've put a deposit down on already has a Milltek catback which sounds great, I'll be mega once I install the UE headers! Mines for sale now 😭😭
  11. With a heavy heart I've got my 1997 Subaru Impreza STi Type R for sale. Selling just because I don't use it enough. I've only done just over 4000km in the last couple of years. Most of that is from taking it out once a week, sometimes 2 weeks just to keep the fluids moving, stop it seizing up etc. Always properly warmed up and cooled down. MOT until August 2019, no advisories. Currently on 84156km (speedo hasn't been converted). Will rise slightly as I keep it running. Service items: Cambelt and water pump August 2015 at 76881km Clutch October 2015 something around 76881km Diff and Gearbox Oils September 2017 at 80958km NGB 7b Plugs fitted January 2017 79822km Mods: SC 36 Turbo RCM fuel rails and uprated fuel lines Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator HDi Front amount Intercooler Zero Sport Air Intake Blitz Nur Spec turbo back exhaust (with removable baffle) Mishimoto 3 Port Oil Catch Can Aluminium Radiator Samco Top and Bottom rad hoses Colossus Fuel Pump Mishimoto low temp Thermostat Remapped by Andy Carr in October 2016 at 77576km. 2x switchable maps, low for better fuel and for running with exhaust Bung. & high. Toggle switch also fitted for anti lag. Running approximately 330-340bhp on high. Road mapped so no graph. Andy advised injectors were holding the turbo back from making its full capable 360bhp. I've got some Tomei 740cc injectors and fitting kit but never got around to doing it, these will be included. BC BR Coilovers fitted and full set up done by Carnetix August 2015 at 76881km Refurbished Brembos plus new discs and pads on the front fitted September 2018 Brembo Clearing Spare Included Toyo Proxes all round Inovit Tarmac Alloys 17" Pro Sport Oil Pressure, Oil Temp and Boost gauges fitted. Version 6 front conversion with crystal lights I had it stripped and fully rustproofed at Krown Rustproofing in February 2018. On their inspection it got a zero rust rating. Known problem areas arches and sills are rust free. Before the Krown rustproof it had also been undersealed in 2016. The car was imported in 2008. In 2009 it was taken off the road until 2015. In this time it was fully stripped and had a full respray and this is when some of the modding took place. The previous owner then had money issues not long after that and that's when I got it. I haven't got the pictures of the spray work being done but I'll try and contact him to see if he's still got them. I've got proof of servicing at 76881, 79144, 80958 and 83587 since entering this country. First MoT was at 75774 in 2008. In October I had a winter protection detail carried out by Cleandetail in Doncaster. Bad Points The front plate has come off, I've got the original size still in windscreen as visible from the pictures but I've also got a smaller one. Buyer can decide what they want to fit. There's a crack on the front splitter as per the pictures again. This happened at Santa Pod where I misjudged how high the path was in relation to the grass field I was in. The Spoiler has a paint chip, visible in the pictures. I have a Stormforce cover (also included) and on a extremely hot day it blistered on the spoiler before I had chance to remove it causing that chip. £9700
  12. May have just put a deposit down on a BRZ... Least I’m staying in a Scoob! Lol. I test drove a few different cars. None of them compare to me Impreza but the gt86/BRZ were the most enjoyable. The 350Z was just too heavy, even with the extra 100bhp+ the BRZ actually felt slightly faster. Especially in the last 3000revs. Can get UE headers for it to keep that burble in my life too [emoji23] Just need to sell mine now
  13. Yea, fair enough my mistake. Still better for his modified car though either way lol[emoji106]