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  1. Batz


    Tried disconnecting the battery etc. For two days it was brilliant. Today, crap again. Adams Brothers then...
  2. Batz


    I filled up with premium yesterday but no change so far. And it's getting very lazy starting in the mornings. I've booked it into Adams Brothers in Aylesbury for a diagnostic. They're Subaru specialists.
  3. Batz


    I was thinking of having the plugs and leads checked. Should have done that when it was serviced! I'm a bit remote and having it in the garage for a day is a real pain. Last time I did it they plugged in the diagnostic and found nothing wrong. Came back perfect.
  4. Batz


    Good day! A question has been haunting me. I have a 2007 2 litre Forester XC. Sometimes, I run it on premium fuel, sometimes not. I find that when I run it on regular unleaded, the performance goes to hell after a couple of weeks. It stumbles around 2000 - 3000 rpm, sometimes quite badly. Sometimes it clears up if I fill up with premium. The handbook says 95 is ok. Perhaps the intermittent performance issues are co-incidental but I ask the question anyway. Are flat fours allergic to regular fuel?