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  1. Thank you for all the help when I took the belt off it was the passenger side so right bank I think that spun not the drivers side left bank so I lined them all up and then it just locked after I tried to crank by hand. What would be the easiest way to see if the valves are returning to there seat ?
  2. Thank you for the quick comment yea the right hand side cams moved when the belt come off so I refined them up and I did have the inlet cam 180 out but I redone it so that everything was correct and lined up
  3. Hi mickey I had this same problem on my 07 hawkeye and it turned out to be the MAF sensor hope this helps
  4. Hi everyone I recently tried to change the timing belt and water pump on my 07 hawk eye 2.5l ej25 and I have lined all the marks correctly and triple checked all the marks but for some reason I turn the crank a quarter turn clockwise and it locks I've been trying to think if I have done anything wrong but carnt seem to understand any advise or help would be super gratefull
  5. Sorry it's been a few days for me to reply been super busy the past few days but thank you very much for the help because it was the maf sensor new one is on and the car has never felt better🎉🎉
  6. Hi everyone I own a 2007 2.5ltr hawkeye and have had some power issues with the car it seems to be between 2500 and 3000rpm in ever gear I get a serious jerking motion with no power but as soon as it reaches 3000rpm it boosts fine (done a smoke test and only leak was through air box clip that is broken) does anyone know what could be wrong any ideas are welcome and appreciated.
  7. I've checked the car with my code reader and it read no faults/no pending codes and no stored codes so I hooked it up to read live data and took it a run and found when I watched the boost as I accelerated hard the boost wasn't spiking on the graph it had slowly climbed the best way I could describe it would be a upside down U shape on the graph I forgot to record the data so unfortunately didn't get the reading for the boost not sure if that helps.
  8. Thank you savagebulldog this really helped I will try all this tommorow and hopefully this will tell me wats finally causing my power loss been a long time coming lol 😂
  9. This was super helpful thank you I will Defos try bypassing it but there are two vac lines one to the inlet pipe for the turbo and one that connects to a T piece bridging the waste gate and the turbo
  10. Hi everyone I was just wondering if there was anyway to tell if my control boost solenoid isn't working or if I can fix it I own a 2007 hawk eye 2.5ltr wrx and I've had a serious loss of power and been told it could be this I've attached a photo of Google so pic is just for reference if anyone could shed some light on this it would be very much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for all the reply guys really appreciate them all my plan was to get a front mount then upgrade the fuelling system and possibly a new turbo before the map but big dreams I guess 😂
  12. Oh thank god haha don't really have the money for a remap just yet thank you all for the help
  13. Thanks again would I have to get a map with the new fuel pump or would it run just as well without it
  14. I'm in Dumfries and Galloway and which fuel pump would you recommend ? id show you guys a pic of the Subaru but it gives me an error when trying to upload