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  1. I just used a manual wire brush with this, but it worked very well. Better than I thought but probably as there wasn't any corrosion and the mucky wasn't really caked on. And I think my photos are bigger than that. But I completley forgotten to add them so thanks for reminding me! Before and after cleaning up the rear mounts from the original steel arms Looking much better shiny, not sure how long it will last but was worth the effort The arms came out easily have only been changed recently. My dad helped as well, so in 30 mins we had both off This was interesting to see. So the alloy arms are compatible. But the rear bush housings are different. I used the impreza ones when originally fitting things to my car, which was not ideal. So hence putting on the original housings from the steel arms. You can see the different height which will adjust the angle the arm is at. I don't actually know if it makes any difference in terms of geometry, but imagine it will change the roll centre a bit or something like that? I will learn more about that in the 4th year of my uni course anyway so will know then! You can also see the stock Forester one has much thicker flanges where the bolts got through. Not sure if that is really needed but another interesting difference I think Poly bushes all fitted. Once the old bushes were out this was an easy process to grease things up and push them into place All sorted. Installation didn't take too long either, and they got torqued up with load on the front. This was the leaking cv boot. I will get on and fix that soon
  2. Today I got the bushes swapped out for the poly bushes. Learnt a few things. The rear bushing mount that came with the alloy arms was actually not right for my car, but I had used it so put the arm at a slightly incorrect angle. This morning I sorted this by cleaning up the rear bushing mount from my original steel arms that came off the car. Amazing how quickly they cleaned up with a manual wire brush. So used them in re-assembly so everything fit a bit better. Otherwise it all went pretty well. As it was not long ago that I changed the arms they came off pretty quickly and easily. Getting the old bushes out was a pain, but once I found the right size sockets and applied some heat the front ones pressed out. And found that burning out and hacksawing the rear bushings was the best method for those. Got the polybushes in easily enough and put it all back together, torquing things up once the car was at ride height on the axle stands under the ball joints. I have a load of photos but currently my image hosting site of choice (post image) is down for maintainance so they will have to wait till tomorrow. Not done a test drive yet with the isolation we are in, but I will let everyone know what it feels like when I get the chance. Also found a cv boot has a small hole in it so slinging grease about a bit, so going to order some of them and probably change all the front CV boots. Cheap to do and I have the time at home for now so might as well change all of them at the front. Any that come off good will be kept as spares incase another punctures in the future.
  3. Thanks. Progress will probably be slow as it is just when I can afford things or they need changing. And I don't want to mess with it too much yet, everything seems to be working well (done 140k miles) and I like the reliability I am getting. In the advanced technology department so not racing stuff, but should be a very cool year of work. It probably will get light off road use from time to time. Unlikely to be anything that serious, but keeping comfort and flex should help if I do. Just got to get them changed over now.
  4. Hi All, Thought it was time I got a thread going for my car, for all the odd little jobs I do that don't warrant seperate posts. Just to generally document what I do as time goes on. So I bought my 2003 Forester in April last year. It is a 2.0 non turbo that cost me under £1500 to buy, and got an MOT just before I bought it. Had a few jobs to do since, and tinkering here and there. I should say I am a uni student studying Off Highway Automotive Engineering, and this is my first car! So not got the greatest budget at the moment, but I plan on looking after this car and hopefully it will last a while. I hope it will get a few nice parts through the next year as I will be on a placement year working at Prodrive!! Further in the future it may even end up with a different heart when funds allow. Work done so far: When bought to exhaust had already got a replaced back section to pass the MOT, but it didn;t take long for the cat section to cause problems. A lot of rust around a guard meant there were a lot of holes in the pipe. So whilst working at a classic car garage last summer (Wren Classics in Shaftesbury) I was able to buy a new cat section and install it one evening after work, using the 4 post lift. Before Then I had a look at the brakes at some point at Uni. Put some new front brake pads in, as well as doing an engine oil and filter change. Could probably do with some new discs in the not too distant future, but waiting till placement year when money should be more available, and probably go for some slightly upgraded road pads at the same time. The most recent fun, and the reason I found this forum was a failure of my lower control arms. Only one went badly enough I could hear it, but both were very dead when I actually looked at them closely. @Mr B was very helpful showing me some that would fit and so I now have second hand alloy Impreza arms in. Got new ball joints and drop links, but should probably have got new bushes as well. So after a little more research I have bought some strongflex polybushes which I plan to install on Monday, making the most of isolation. Only gone for the standard road replacement strength, not stiffer for now. This car is still my daily driver, gets a lot of miles (About 15000 in the last year) so I want it to still retain the comfort, whilst upgrading things a little here and there. Will be my first time changing things like this so any tips for polybushing the car would be appreciated.
  5. I am struggling to find bushes by any of the above manufaturers that should fit on my car. Please can someone share a link if they have one? I need both bushes for the front lower control arms. I think part numbers are: 20204SA000 for the front bush 20201FA120 (Right) and 20201FA130 (Left) for the rear bush in housing. But please correct me if I am wrong, or there are others that will fit. Thanks
  6. Typically I now realise I should have changed bushes at the same time, and will need to before my MOT in April. So now I have to decide whether I put new bushes in the second set of arms I ended up with (but that are a lot messier and need cleaning up) or use the messier arms temporarily whilst I put new bushes into the arms I currently have on the car. Either way the second set of arms means I won't need to disable my car for a long period of time, so right not works in my favour that I ended up with them. Just got to order some bushes up and decide how I am doing things
  7. Thanks. Ok, that is good to know. I am guessing they are probably a bit stronger than the steel arms too? I like saving money, In total was somewhere under £200 for parts. And many hours spent switching bits over and checking them, but I enjoy that so don't mind it. I am planning to do nearly all of the work this car needs myself. Cheaper, good fun and interesting. I have a good collection of decent tools, and happy to buy more as I need. I do plan on making a general build thread for this car sometime very soon, as I plan on keeping it around for a while and inevitably upgrading things sometime. Those links will prove very helpful, thanks.
  8. Hi All, I am pretty new to the forum. Found it when my car broke and I needed help sorting new front lower control arms. That is fixed now, but I have decided to stick around a bit, enjoy others builds and get help when I need it with mine. So, about me. I am currently still in my late teenage years, and at University studying Off Highway Automotive Engineering. Been into mechancial things for years, had my own projects (Been building and racing lawn mowers for the last 6 years) and would say I am alright with spanners. Spent the last 2 summers working with a classic car race team too. I have a Subaru Forester from 2003, 2.0 NA. Not bad for a first car I don't think. I plan on doing almost all the work that it needs myself. Already done an engine oil and filter change, plus fitting 2 alloy front lower control arms. Not got too much money being a student, but want to spend money where worth it on this car, make it last for years. I look forward to spending more time on here, and probably getting lots of nice parts for my car I don't really need and can only just afford as a result. Here are a few photos
  9. On Saturday I changed over the right side arm. Whilst it looked fine on the way out, it was actually a bit scary once I saw it properly. Definatley the right choice to change both arms over. Good job I caught it when I did/that the left broke the way it did. Today I heard a bit of a knocking noise on my way into uni (Yes, I am at university). Much quieter than before but I had been planning to check everything anyway. So had a look on both sides. Everything seemed fine and I double check the torques of all the bolts. All good. Only change I made was the ball joint pinch bolt. I could find a torque of between 38 and 50Nm. When I did it up I left it at 40Nm. But I remembered the ball joints had slipped into there quite easily and so I checked they had not come looser, and then did both pinch bolts up to 50Nm. On a test drive everything seems super and no longer hearing anything. So in a few weeks after a lot more driving I will check once more (I know I am probably being over cautious, but this is the first big job I have done on my own car and I want to make sure it is fine). But so far all seems good.
  10. Thanks. I think it is the 22nd that I have to wait till before Ebay will take action, but at least the process is started. And yeah, I think the second purchase was a better one anyway. Shame that my car has been off the road for as long as it has, but I have not needed to drive anywhere important so it has all worked out fine. Hopefully these alloy arms will last well, I would imagine they will last the lift of the car unless there is an accident? I just hope to stop the same issue happening again. If as things need replacing I go for upgrades the car should last me well and keep getting better, I am hoping to keep it going for a while, as I love the Forester as a car and it ticks all the boxes for me.
  11. Finally got a pair of alloy arms. Didn't come with the cone inserts so thanks for noting them Mr B. It was the second set I ordered so they did have the bushed already bolted on, but the seller had done a very nice job of cleaning them up. Installation was fairly easy this evening and been for a test drive. All is feeling good. This weekend I plan to swap the non broken side over to the alloy arm. Then I want to get the car properly alligned and tracked. Thanks for the help. Certainly some things I would have missed or got wrong.
  12. Well looks like I should have gone for your link @Mr B. Seems the ebay seller I bought the lower links from is dodgy (angliatuningcentre), they were suposedly sent on Friday or Saturday delivery. Still got nothing and they have not supplied a tracking number although I asked for one this morning. A few reviews say that items never arrived and no contact from them. So bought another set off someone else that definatley include bolts for the rear bush. Not sure if they have the cones for the ball joint, but I have a pair sat here waiting so that isn't a problem. I just want to get my car back on the road and this is irritating me greatly. Still, another few days wait it seems.
  13. I am not sure if they come with bolts. Do you know what thread they are? Ok, I am surprised by that. Would have thought that can make them to last a little longer than 2 years. Hopefully these alloy ones will last a lot better. Thanks. I have already got the pinch bolt off on the broken side. It was tight to get going and I was worried it was about to shear, but came out fine. I was having more difficulty with the drop links bolt. I didn't actually use penetrating oil, but should get some for the rest of dis-assembly. Should have it all off by the end of Sunday. Then a case of waiting for all the parts to arrive and bolt it all back together. And I will do the other side very soon too. I shouldn't need to take apart the knuckle to damper but thanks for the tip, I shall remember that if I ever do have that apart. Thanks again for your help
  14. Super, thank you. I have bought the ones in my link, but didn't know about the taper cone inserts, so that was very useful to learn about. I have ordered some of those as well as the needed bushed and joints. Thanks again for your help.
  15. Hi All, first post here, and I am in need of help. Just been driving home and heard a loud banging a few times from the front left suspension. When I got home (5 minute journey) I had a look at the lower control arm has split along a weld. Going to need a new arm, and trying to find some. Been quoted over £300 from a Subaru dealer nearby, I don't want to spend that much if I can help it. So here are the questions: Are "Japan parts" worth getting? As found a complete arm with bushed for just under £100? Or does anyone know if these would fit? Impreza 2005 alloy links. A think I found a thread here where something similar fit on, but confirmation would be nice. As I really need to swap both sides, the right is showing signs of corrosion I would rather replace both to be on the safe side. So this would be a little cheaper and an upgrade whilst I am at it, if they are compatable. I am pretty happy doing the mechanical work to swap it over myself, already started taking it apart to get the arm off. Just want to find a decent parts supply. Any tips for removal and re-assembly also useful. @SubaruBlack and @Mr B ??? Asking for you 2 as I found a previous thread with similar issue so hope one of you might take a look and let me know if they would fit? Thanks Thanks everyone.