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  1. hi all, just had my power steering pump replaced with a secondhand one. got it back from the shop yesterday and the steering was super heavy. the mechanic said he'd experienced this before (not with a subi though), and it freed up after a bit of driving. I took it for an hours drive around the bendiest bends i could find. 5 point turns, round-a-bouts, the lot. didn't get any better. again, last night took it out and it got heavier and heavier as i went. nearly pulled a muscle parking the bugger. Went out this morning to have a look. turned it on and it squealed somewhat and fluid was coming out of the reservoir! Spoke to the mechanic again and he said try running it, turning the wheel etc. Seemed pretty light to turn to start with but the squealing was pretty bad as i turned the steering wheel either way. more fluid was also pumping out and the steering got heavier and heavier each time i turned the wheel. i cut the engine and checked the fluid and it looked like espresso! Can anyone advise on what the AF is happening here please?? It's a 2005 2lt non-turbo version and i'm fearing a spares or repair conclusion to this! that'd be heartbreaking. Cheers in advance James.