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  1. Hey all, Was wondering if anyone could recommend any garages for some welding work around the Bucks area. The few places I've tried are happy to inspect but then seem to give me the run around after that. It is quite a hefty job, both sills, rear arches and the drivers wing. The sills are pretty much shot and that's where most of the work is, rear arches are only bubbling slightly so thought why not get them done too. Drivers wing, just the part which connects to the sills is rusted so again why not get it sorted with the sills. Have sourced the replacement parts myself but no chance I can weld and paint 😛 -If you guys know anyone decent outside of bucks, worth mentioning - may be able to get a recovery truck. Ta
  2. Hi all Can't believe I forgot to join the club after spending a fair amount of time on the forum before I got my own. Based in Bucks, you may see her rolling on the road. Shout if you have already, had it for around 6 months. Feel like it's an odd time to join with all that's going on. Better late than ever, stay safe all! Here she is: Impreza 93 WRX Import
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