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  1. Got car sorted for remapping . Fully serviced , fitted new fuel pump and cosworth filter. Put new front discs and pads on while was at it too. Got the mechanic to do a compression test on engine also. Cylinder 1. 180 psi Cylinder 2. 179 psi Cylinder 3. 174 psi Cylinder 4. 176 psi Hopefully restrictions lifted in May and remapping goes ahead.
  2. Will do. Remap is being done by ap performance here in Ireland. He's very highly recommended within the Subaru community here. Here's a picture of my old type r . It spent some time in the UK and Cyprus I believe. If I remember rightly a UK soldier had it in Cyprus believe it or not.
  3. Yes rosscosm that's the ones surely 👍👍👍👍.
  4. and a 3 port boost solenoid as well im fitting . nearly forgot bout that
  5. hello, i purchased a 2003 uk wrx in the new year. i had a 1993 jdm wrxm in 2002/3 and a sti type r in 2009/10 so decided i would dip my toe in the subaru game again. the car is a sti replica from the outside but doesnt have the power to match. i know i probably should have bought a sti but i just wanted a fast car to take out an odd day. its will spend 95% of its time in the shed parked up. getting into a wrx now they dont feel as quick as memory serves me lol. time has moved on and cars have gotten faster and more torquier ( especialy diesels ) so with that in mind i've decided to remap it. im based in ireland by the way. i have an appointment next month to get the car remapped. not looking huge power just want a few extra ponies and better power delivery really. ive ordered a cosworth panel filter and walhbro 255 fuel pump, car has full ss de cat exhaust . i will get it fully serviced before mapping and the mapper has advised to fit a certain type of spark plugs to use ( cant think of exact ones sorry) he will map it for use on octane boost as we have crap 95 ron petrol here. hopefully i should see 270/280 bhp