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  1. Passed you in my black Forester XT 🙂 You flashed at me but I was a bit slow and waved, 13 yr old godson (JDM mad) was delighted 🙂 PM 21-3-21
  2. Hi Folks! 🙂 As above, new to all its foibles and still getting to know it. My one is a little bit scruffy but I love it, it's a working car/daily driver, so I'm not too precious about cosmetics, but I would like to get the best out of it performance wise. It has had a few modifications from previous owners (but no re-map afaik)... Larger bonnet scoop (I think from a Hawkeye Impreza), STI intercooler/Y-pipe, Toyosports downpipe, Pedders coilovers, WRX Pro front calipers, drilled/slotted discs all round. there are a few knocks and creaks which I need to fix but despite that, I would love to tweak performance a bit (without risking a head gasket failure) at some point but it has that sleeper look which I'd like to keep. It has gold alloys which at some point I'd like to have re-sprayed black Any advice/tips gratefully received, esp as I'm running it on a shoestring budget. Anyway, here's a photo.
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