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  1. cheers for the reply judd the car is in need of work but it will make it im sure as it just keeps going:-) bought it to bring back to life and recently discovered that it has an exhaust of sorts:-) forester down pipe hacked at cat and grafted onto an impreza mid section which is then sliced and diced onto an evo rear section lol have to say its a !Removed! ambitious attempt to say the least.did that place you had your exhaust done at take long to fab the new one up and fit? its 130 ish miles each way from mine so fair old drive. please can i have the details of this place mate
  2. hi anyone selling a full system for a fozzy 2000 plate s turbo? not in any hurry as car will be off the road for the winter being worked on.would like full stainless system that will pass an mot. previous owner frankensteined the exhaust thats on it so need down pipe right the way back.must fit correctly and sound nice:-) and can collect within reasonable distance to north wales. can sort cash when one comes up. thanks
  3. i was up at 3am looking for a used technics turntable and a new laptop as im a drum n bass dj so i did the right thing and bought a forester s turbo:-) as soon as i saw this on fbook mktplace i messaged the fella 3 times at 3 am and told him he needed to let me buy it ha! the car chose me and i knew i had to have it. 3 hours pass with me chewing my nails then ping......... its the seller laughing because hed had over 20 messages from different people but none had my enthusiasm so at 7am lol i was at the chaps house with the cash. shes 20 years old and has a very fit engine etc(good bones) but
  4. hi please could some kind lad or lass help me? ive bought this 2000 plate forester s turbo today and its quite a rare model as theres only 30 odd of these left in the has excellent bones and a fit engine but its missing a fog lamp cover as it was stolen 4 years ago. ive had a quick look online in the usual places but as i thought zero! this is my 1st subaru and ive always loved the forester earlier models as there a bit of a unicorn i think but does anyone know if this light cover is on other models at all?? or wheres a good place to look. if someone has one i will buy it as im looking
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