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  1. Thank you apparently it turns out there is a high volume of oil in intake back up to the turbo so needs a new turbo.part of me wants subaru to do the work but I'll have a look thanks for your reply
  2. Morning good people I routinely get my 06 hawkeye sti type uk serviced at my local subaru dealer last service the noticed oil near my turbo it could be nothing but they said could be bottom end gone or turbo gone worse case scenario iys going back for full inspection Diagnosis next week if is bad nears there quoted 2.5k for new turbo or new short block engine rebuild 5k does these prices sound OK thanks for reading
  3. I've noticed the left side of my boot is always wet ive been told by a friend that its prob a blocked gutter hole but I can't find one but noticed the inside of my boot lid is always wet condensation? Any answers please
  4. Seen loads of subarus in letchworth Herts lately be nice to get them together
  5. a friend a former buggeye wrx wagon owner has been pestering me to buy mudflaps Im not to sure. my car was lowered by previous owner but not by too much im not massively sold on idea and look also they are red my cars grey seen some black sti branded ones may be worth a shout kinda think look better at proper ride height
  6. I know when you buy a car you notice it more but dam I see impezzas everywhere in my town now lately would love to see them all together sad i know but love to see them as cant see mine whilst driving ha ha
  7. Yeah love this car and wanna treat it right I know id never see money back on all extras just see things and think that'd be nice ooh and that and that have to show restraint ha ha.when I was younger used to look at demon tweeks catalogue if anyone remembers that if bought everything you liked it was like blimey thats a lot of dough. I guess little bit here and there won't hurt wont seem so much
  8. I purposely bought a low mileage hawkeye sti spent a lot on full subaru service cam belt diff oil change etc £1300 with new thermostat well happy but gave lots of love in cleaning myself ive noticed water ingress rear lights and fog lamps front lights starting to need replace clean misting up at top(toothpaste clean?)bought matching front pads and new tyres think prob needs new light rear pads been lowered so set to normal height got massive exhaust so replace with smaller or prodrive wheels need striping and re painting not noticeable but I can see flaking on.insidelove this car but if I go too far all in with price of car and done and thought of parts its gonna be 20k its beautiful but if I decided to sell 20k is an ask
  9. Cheers had to be done wanted one ever since driving a mates bug eye wrx wagon was my dream and I refused to let it die
  10. New to the group second sti I've owned first one bottom pic died 2 days after purchase top one my new baby only on loader as issue arisen from its main dealer service but the picked it up went through it all and spot on now
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