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  1. Trojan41

    Alloy wheels

    Hi mate. Don't think they are 5x100 pcd. Cheers for asking though.
  2. Hi there. Looking to upgrade from Hawkeye wrx standard spoiler to sti one. Looking for one in obsidian black if possible. I assume it's a simple swop job? Cheers Andy
  3. Hi there. As title. Looking for 18" alloys with tyres for my 2006 Hawkeye wrx. Cheers Andy.
  4. Cheers buddy. Yeah will upload pics when it looks complete with some nice shiny gold wheels.
  5. Trojan41

    Alloy wheels

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a set of 18" gold alloys with good tyres for my Hawkeye wrx. I've looked and still looking on the usual gumtree and eBay sites but to no avail. Help...haha. cheers
  6. Hi guys I was advised to join since buying my 2006 wrx Hawkeye just last weekend!! See what's what and meet some like minded people. Cheers Andy