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  1. Yea we have tried that but nothing worked. Pretty sure the code in the book doesn't work is wrong anyway as it never did anything before. Best thing to do then is really replace the alarm system? Think its a Sigma one. Just wanted to see if I could get around it before I decide to scrap it or something
  2. hi guys. So recently I went out to start my forester xt, but the button on my fob wouldn't work, I can get in the car by using the key itself, but it won't start im assuming cos I armed the immobiliser with the fob. Now I started by changing the battery in the fob but that hasn't worked at all. I've had a lock Smith out to try and re program the keys but they couldn't, and they have pressed about a load with the key pad in the car to the point where that now doesn't work. Subaru dealership have said they could try and re program the keys but they either need a working key, which bo
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